Hi! I want to post about Hyun Bin oppa. Again and again. If you look down this page, it's about Hyun Bin yeah. So sorry :p
First, I want say thanks to because almost all the photos is from that website. Thank you :)

Kim Joo Won's tracksuit

Track suit #1: Blue Sequined pair

Track suit #2: Leopard-print pair

Track suit #3: Purple colored Flower & Lace pair
He said he like it the most ;)

Can I have one of them?

Kim Joo Won's Tongue Twister

he likes to say this when he is confused or when he is 'galau' :p

(Romanized Version)

kim su-han-mu guh-bu-ki-wa du-ru-mi


chi-chi-ka-po sa-li-sa-li saen-ta wuh-li-wuh-li

sae-bu-li-kang mu-du-sael-la

gu-ruum-ee huh-li-kae-een dam-byuh-lak

suh-sang-won go-yang-ee ba-duk-ee-nun dol-do

(Translated Version)

Kim suhanmu three thousand turtles and cranes

suddenly dongbangsak Capo Chichi Warriors Warriors

sebeurikang Sari Sari Center Tanning Cellar Wall

seosaengwon hurricane clouds rolled two cats that go

Haha i like his expression when he say that :D


I gonna laugh when see this picture hahaha

My favorite part from Secret Garden Drama

The “sit-up scene” which is one of my most favorite part from this drama. I gasped when Joo Woon did the sit-up correctly and thought that he intends to kiss her but he only looked into her eyes. He even had the nerve to tease her about when she got pretty when he saw how flustered and uncomfortable Gil Ra Im is in their position.


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